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Ph.D. from University of Michigan. Previously taught at Carnegie-Mellon. Fulbright Fellow at University of Tokyo. Ministry of Education Professor at Hitotsubashi University. Excellence in Research Award from International Association for Management of Technology. Department Chair 1995-2006. Former President, Association of Japanese Business Studies. Editorial boards of four journals. Research grants from NSF, US Department of Commerce, Kaufmann Foundation, American Enterprise Institute, Mellon Foundation.

PhD, University of Michigan, 1980
MA, University of Michigan , 1976
MA, University of Oregon, 1967
BA, University of Oregon, 1966

Initially Appointed: 1987

Interests and Courses


The emergence of global technology development systems. Comparative technology management.


International environment. Comparative management systems. Institutional environment of business.

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Selected Publications

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  • Lynn, L. H., Salzman, H. In D. Simon (Ed.),
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  • Lynn, L. H. (Author Only), Lowell, L. (Author Only), Salzman, H. (Presenter & Author)  Society of Government Economists, "Third Generation Globalizational: the Transformation of Science and Engineering, and International Migration"", Society of Government Economists, Washington, D.C.. (2008).
  • Lynn, L. H., Salzman, H. (Author Only)  Industry Studies 2008, "Multinationals, techno-entrepreneurs, and the globalization fo technology value chains", Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, Boston, MA. (2008).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Committee Member, International Advisory Committee, 2009 - Present
  • Committee Member, CWRU Internationalization Task Force, 2008 - Present
  • University Senate, Faculty Senate, 2008 - Present