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Associate Dean for Undergraduate and Integrated Programs

Peter B. Lewis Building 465

The vast amount of data in companies’ financial reports can present a very complex picture. Julia Grant’s research explores ways to better understand and use firm financial information to make insightful judgments. Another area of specialty is Julia’s joint research with faculty in the Information Systems department.

PhD, Cornell University, Johnson Graduate School of Management, 1989
MS, Cornell University, 1986
BA, University of Arizona, 1983

Initially Appointed: 1991

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Selected Publications

  • Zhao, L., Grant, J. E., Collopy, F., Boland, Jr., R. J. (2010).
    Dynamic Graphical Representation of Financial Statements: A Design Inquiry and Empirical Results  
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  • Grant, J. E.
    (Re)design in Management   Managing as Designing, Stanford University Press.


  • Grant, J. E.  Ohio Regional Meeting, "Ohio Master Teachers Panel", American Accounting Association, Columbus, OH. (2010).
  • Grant, J. E.  Rouen Business School International Business Week, "Panel Judge for Case Presentations", Rouen Business School, Rouen, France. (2010).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Guest Speaker, Phi Beta Kappa, 2011 - Present
  • Committee Member, Faculty Senate, 2010 - 2011
  • Committee Member, ITS Customer Service Committee, 2010 - 2011
  • Committee Member, University Budget Committee, 2010 - 2011
  • Committee Member, Undergraduate Education Abroad-International Experience, 2010 - 2011
  • Committee Member, FSCUE Curriculum Committee, 2009 - Present
  • Committee Member, Provost's Budget Review Committee, 2009 - 2010
  • Committee Chair, Faculty Senate Budget Committee, 2009 - 2010
  • Committee Member, Provost Search Committee, 2008
  • Board of Directors of a Company, Cleveland Botanical Gardens, Cleveland, OH, 2007 - Present
  • Committee Member, Faculty Senate, 2005 - 2008
  • Committee Chair, Accountancy PhD Program, 2004 - 2007