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Stan Cort sees the supply chain as a prime opportunity for entrepreneurial profit and growth through creative market scoping and multi-organization management. It is much more than simply the chain of cost centers from raw materials to finished goods in the customer’s hands. His research links four topics in examining how to identify and seize that competitive edge: (1) techniques for identifying opportunities for market-based competitive advantage; (2) rigorous and effective development processes for translating market opportunities into profitable domestic and multinational commercialization programs; (3) methods for evaluating sources of competitive leverage in the supply chain’s structure and competitive dynamics; and (4) principles of managing the multi-organization supply chain system, including strategic use of information value, outsourcing and integration to create and sustain entrepreneurial advantage.

DBA, Harvard Business School, 1972
MBA, Harvard University, 1964
AB, Harvard University, 1962

Initially Appointed: 1978

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