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Traditional economic theory assumes people think and act in rational, self-interested, consistent ways. But in the real world that’s not necessarily the case. Justin Sydnor’s research applies a new behavioral approach to problems and markets.

His research interests include: understanding how people make insurance choices, exploring the interaction of incentives and commitment devices in situations where self-control problems arise, issues of discrimination, and generally understanding how individual decision-making biases play out in market settings.

PhD, University of California, 2006
BA, University of Wisconsin, 2001

Initially Appointed: 2006

Interests and Courses


Psychology and Economics, Applied Microeconomics, (Behavioral) Industrial Organization, Insurance Markets, Risk and Decision-making


Psychology and Economics, Industrial Organization, Microeconomics, Game Theory

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Selected Publications


  • Lewis-Progressive Fellow , Weatherhead School of Management. (2009).
  • Weathehead Undergraduate Teaching Award, Weatherhead School of Management. (2009).