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Mark Votruba - Associate Professor, Economics

Faculty – Mark Votruba

Department Chair, Economics
Faculty Director, MSM-Healthcare
Associate Professor, Economics
Adjunct associate professor, University of Stavanger
Research Associate , Statistics Norway
Peter B. Lewis Building 275
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Mark Votruba, PhD, is an associate professor with positions in the Economics Department in the Weatherhead School of Management and in the Center for Healthcare Research and Policy in the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. Votruba holds additional appointments as a research associate at Statistics Norway and as an adjunct associate professor at University of Stavanger in Norway. He is also a faculty associate at the Shubert Center for Child Studies at Case Western Reserve University.

Votruba’s research spans topics in labor economics, health economics and public finance. One stream of his research explores the implications of job loss for displaced workers, their families and their communities. Another stream investigates the impact of childhood exposures on later-life outcomes. In the area of health economics, Votruba’s research focuses on the causes and consequences of low-quality care in the US healthcare economy. His research appears in a diverse range of journals including THE AMERICAN ECONOMIC REVIEW, REVIEW OF ECONOMIC STUDIES, JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC PERSPECTIVES, JOURNAL OF THE EUROPEAN ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION, JOURNAL OF HUMAN RESOURCES, DEMOGRAPHY, SOCIAL SCIENCE AND MEDICINE, MEDICAL CARE and the AMERICAN JOURNAL OF OBSTETRICS AND GYNECOLOGY. His published work on the importance of search frictions in health insurance markets was awarded the Arrow Award for Best Paper in Health Economics by the International Health Economics Association in 2012. His article “Organizational Economics and Physician Practices” was selected for inclusion in the recently published ENCYCLOPEDIA OF HEALTH ECONOMICS.

Votruba received by PhD in Economics from Princeton University in 2002. He also holds an MA in Public Policy Studies from the University of Chicago, as well as a BA in Mathematics from Centre College of Kentucky. Votruba instructs courses at both the graduate and undergraduate level. In 2010 and 2014, he was nominated for the Weatherhead Undergraduate Teaching Award for his efforts in Health Care Economics and Public Finance. His graduate courses in Health Economics and Strategy serve the MSM-Healthcare program and the Cleveland Clinic-Weatherhead Executive MBA program. Votruba has served as academic director of the MSM-Healthcare program since its inception in 2014. He was named faculty director of Weatherhead School of Management Graduate Health Programs in 2015. Votruba is also a frequent contributor to the Fundamental of Clinical Medicine courses in the Case Western Reserve School of Medicine and in the Cleveland Clinic Lerner College.

Curriculum Vita

PhD, Princeton University, 2003
MA, Princeton University, 1999
MA, University of Chicago, 1995
BS, Centre College of Kentucky, 1992

Initially Appointed: 2002

Interests and Courses


Health Economics: Allocation of Medical Resources, Insurance Markets, Health System Organization.

Public/Labor Economics: Social Program Participation, Social Interactions Effects, Effects of Job Loss, Childhood Exposures.


Health economics; public economics; labor economics.

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Selected Publications

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  • Votruba, M., Cebul, R. (2006).
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  • 20th Annual Arrow Award, International Health Economics Association. (2013).
  • Weatherhead Undergraduate Teaching Award finalist, WSOM. (2010).