Journal of the Association of Information Systems


The Journal of the Association for Information Systems (JAIS) is the flagship research journal of the Association for Information Systems, a global professional society for information systems scholars with more than 4,500 members. JAIS publishes the highest quality scholarship in its field, covering all aspects of information systems, information technology, and management. The journal prides itself on progressive conceptual and empirical contributions by promoting multidisciplinary and nontraditional approach.

JAIS enjoys broad readership and visibility in the global information systems community, including countries such as Australia, Canada, France, United Kingdom, China, Malaysia, and Singapore. Its electronic format offers real-time statistics on readership size and access patterns and geographical distribution. In 2008, the JAIS website received an average of 25,000 visits per month, and the most popular articles were downloaded more than 1,000 times per year.

Faculty Involvement

Dr. Kalle Lyytinen, the Iris S. Wolstein Professor in Management Design, has served as the editor-in-chief of JAIS since 2005. Over the journal's short lifespan (the first article was published in 2000), JAIS has gained a strong reputation for excellence in publishing theory-focused articles. "Our goal is to connect information systems scholars from all over the world to revolutionary research," says Lyytinen. "By publishing peer-reviewed articles, the journal has the continuing ability to incite thoughtful collaboration among the very best in the field."

Led by Lyytinen, the JAIS editorial board is composed of world-class scholars who cover all major information systems topics and have extensive editorial experience. Submissions for publication have continued to grow at a rate of thirty to forty percent per year, helping JAIS promote bold and rigorous scholarship.