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Casey Newmeyer - Assistant Professor, Design & Innovation

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Assistant Professor of Marketing; Design & Innovation
Peter B. Lewis Building 223
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Starbucks within Barnes and Noble, Dell with Intel inside, and FedEx Kinko’s are examples of brands joining together to form a partnership. Casey Newmeyer, PhD, focuses her research on brand partnerships and alliances such as co-brands and brand acquisitions. From the perspective of a marketing manager, she outlines how such brand pairings impact the firms involved and their existing branded products and services. A second stream of research focuses on brand and consumer relationships and identities. In general her work links consumer attitudes to managerial decision making. Prior to transitioning to a career in academia in 2011,

Newmeyer worked in marketing roles for companies such as FedEx, XM Satellite Radio, and Northrop Grumman.

Newmeyer received her PhD from the Katz Graduate School of Business, University of Pittsburgh, and her MBA from the Crummer Graduate School of Business, Rollins College. Her publications have appeared in the Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice and Journal of Academy of Marketing Science. She has presented on numerous occasions at the American Marketing Association Winter Educators Conference.

In the classroom, Newmeyer teaches Marketing Management, Marketing and Supply Chain Management, among other courses. She has received the Nancy and Joseph Keithley Fellow in Business Marketing, as well as several Intramural Research Funding awards.

PhD, University of Pittsburgh: Katz Graduate School of Business, 2011
MBA, Rollins College Crummer Graduate School of Business, 2005
BA, University of Pittsburgh, 2003

Initially Appointed: 2011

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Selected Publications


  • Gifford, R., Newmeyer, C. (Author Only)  2017 AMA Winter Educator's Conference, "Brand Leadership: Driving Market Orientation", American Marketing Association, Orlando, FL. (2017).
  • Gifford, R., Newmeyer, C.  Academy of Marketing Science Annual Conference, "THE EMOTIONS OF LEADERS DRIVE SUSTAINABLE BRAND GROWTH", Academy of Marketing Science, (2016).
  • Newmeyer, C., Dommer, S. L.  AMA Winter Educators Conference, "Rivals or Peers: How Interbrand Relationships Impact Brand attitude After a Product-Harm Crisis", American Marketing Association, Las Vegas, Nevada. (2016).
  • Newmeyer, C. (Author Only), Obeng, E. (Presenter & Author)  2015 AMA Winter Educator's Conference, "CHARITY AT CHECK-OUT: THE IMPLICATIONS FOR RETAILERS", American Marketing Association, San Antonio, TX. (2015).
  • Newmeyer, C. (Presenter & Author), Ruth, J. (Author Only)  Academy of Consumer Research, "IN GOOD TIMES, IN BAD TIMES: HOW CONSUMERS ATTRIBUTE RESPONSIBILITY IN COBRAND-HARM CRISES", Academy of Consumer Research, Chicago, IL. (2013).
  • Newmeyer, C. (Presenter & Author), Ruth, J. (Author Only)  AMA Winter Educators Conference, "RETAIL CO-BRANDS AND CONSUMERS’ ATTRIBUTIONS OF RESPONSIBILITY ", American Marketing Association, Las Vegas, NV. (2013).
  • Newmeyer, C. (Author Only), Swaminathan, V. (Author Only), Hulland, J. S. (Presenter & Author)  AMA Winter Educators Conference, "When Brands Trade Hands", American Marketing Association, Austin, Texas. (2011).

Academic and Professional Activities

  • Academy of Marketing Science. 2016 - Present
  • Committee Member, Business Analytics Search Committee, 2017
  • Committee Member, Keithley Chair Search Committee, 2014 - 2015
  • Committee Member, NTT Entrepreneurship Search Committee, 2014 - 2015
  • Committee Member, Graduate Curriculum Committee , 2014 - Present
  • Committee Member, UGIS + MAPS Marketing Major Development, 2012 - 2014


  • Intramural Research Funding, (2015).
  • Intramural Research Funding, (2013).
  • Nancy and Joseph Keithley Fellow in Business Marketing, (2013).