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Weatherhead faculty are renowned for inspiring classroom leadership, groundbreaking research in management science and expert commentary on today’s business issues.

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  • The Burton D. Morgan Foundation recently added a new research institute, the Entrepreneurship Education Experiment, and the Burton D. Morgan Fellowship Program under the umbrella of the Institute. As the first Research Fellow, Scott Shane will explore elements of experiential entrepreneurship education, focusing on pitch competitions.
  • Chris Laszlo, associate professor of organizational behavior, argues for sustainability as an opportunity for students to study, scholars to invent, businesses to innovate, nonprofits to influence, and governments to legislate all in service of the democratic majority's desired outcomes.
  • William Mahnic, associate professor of banking and finance, discusses the importance of saving money early. The best savers "began to save a portion of their paycheck when they started their first part-time and full-time job," he says. "This gives their savings plenty of time to grow and take advantage of the miracle of compounded interest."
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