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Weatherhead faculty are renowned for inspiring classroom leadership, groundbreaking research in management science and expert commentary on today’s business issues.

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  • Michael Goldberg, assistant professor of Design & Innovation, and former SBA head Steve Preston, the CEO of Livingston International, answer MSNBC viewer questions about exporting your product and dealing with distributors who take unauthorized chargebacks.
  • Scott Shane, the A. Malachi Mixon III Professor of Entrepreneurial Studies and professor of economics, discusses his new course offering, Entrepreneurial Finance (ENTP 310), and the evolution of CWRU since he began teaching here 12 years ago.
  • Jenny Hawkins, visiting assistant professor of economics, discussed the shift from 9-to-5 workdays to more flexible schedules for employees. Though many employers have sought to meet employees' demands for such schedules, "Getting flexibility doesn't necessarily mean you increase or you manage your leisure time better," she said.
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