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Weatherhead faculty are renowned for inspiring classroom leadership, groundbreaking research in management science and expert commentary on today’s business issues.

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  • Bill Mahnic, associate professor of banking and finance, discussed Monday's steep drop in the stock market on WKYC.com. "The stock market has a tendency to increase over the long term. It doesn't do so in a straight line," he explained. "We have extreme highs and extreme lows. This is a period of extreme lows right now. This is normal."
  • J. B. Silvers, PhD and John R. Mannix Medical Mutual of Ohio Professor of Health Care Finance, commented on ShurTech Brands' launch of a first-of-its-kind arrangement with the Cleveland Clinic to provide on-site primary and preventive care to its 350 employees.
  • In Quality Disclosure Programs and Internal Organizational Practices: Evidence from Airline Flight Delays (PDF), authors Silke Forbes, Mara Lederman, and Trevor Tombe analyze millions of detailed flight records provided by major U.S. airlines to detect the impact of a quality disclosure initiative.
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