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  • Richard Buchanan, PhD, professor of design and innovation, discussed the benefit of incorporating design into K-12 education, a concept some schools in China already have adopted. "In Wuxi they do not teach to the test. They have the students engaged and making things in the world and experiencing things, thinking and reflecting. That's important. That's a key," Buchanan said.
  • When EarlySense Ltd.—an Israeli medical device startup—struggled during the 2008 economic downturn, investors fled. But not Michael Goldberg, assistant professor of design and innovation at Weatherhead. The Cleveland venture capitalist helped design a recovery plan that made EarlySense stronger than ever. Since 2010, the company has garnered $65 million in new investments, including $10 million from a unit of Samsung Corp. announced this year.
  • Sheremeta, PhD and assistant professor of economics, shares the first and second place ranking of top economic thinkers of Ukrainian descent, placing first in number of total citations, second in number of publications, and third by popular vote.
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