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Writing with Purpose, Clarity, and Confidence

Business writing has evolved dramatically in our fast-paced, technologically-savvy culture. Gone are impersonal documents full of arcane expressions, redundancies, and convoluted syntax. The focus today is on facilitating the reader’s task through 1) a plain, elegant, and coherent style, 2) clear organization, and 3) good-looking design.

In this program, participants apply the principles of clear, precise, effective communication to various forms of writing—from everyday emails to sensitive letters and formal reports. The interactive presentation format makes learning stylistic issues fun—and not a chore. The session mixes discussion with small group exercises and individual work. Participants are encouraged to ask questions and become actively engaged with their own learning. Everyone receives a comprehensive self-study manual for continuing professional development.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Those who routinely write and/or edit strategic and sensitive letters and memos or reports, proposals and other complex, technical material.