Leadership Lab for Women in STEM™ FAQ

What will I need to bring to the program? Will I need to purchase books or other materials?
Complete program information will be emailed to you approximately two weeks prior to the program. If you register less than two weeks prior to the program this information will be sent out in the days after your registration. If you have not received this email and it is less than 2 weeks before your program, please email affiliate@case.edu.

What is the dress code?
We want you to be comfortable, so that you can focus on your education. We also understand the importance of maintaining a professional atmosphere. Therefore we request that participants come in “business-casual” dress.

Do I need to be a leader to attend the Leadership Lab?
We define leadership broadly in this program, and leadership experience is not required. Focusing first on leadership at the individual level, this program will guide participants through self-reflection for greater self-awareness and developing vision, and progress through all leadership levels. Participants will leave with a greater appreciation of their leadership strengths and insight into their career and life journey.

I really want to attend this program but I don’t think my company will pay for it. Do you have some ideas on how I can convince them that it is worth the investment?
Many employers are struggling with turnover issues and realize the benefits of retention. This program is designed to help you be more successful and satisfied in your role, which helps the organization save on turnover costs and realize important ways to keep employees engaged and challenged. This sample email provides a template you can copy into an email and modify to your specific needs in order to help convince your employer to invest in the Leadership Lab for Women in STEM™ program at Weatherhead.

Can I only take the 1st Module?
Participants must attend all three modules and fully participate in all activities between the sessions. This investment allows for the necessary time to acquire, absorb and reflect on the learning and coaching experience. The program design also provides many opportunities to engage in person with other participants in your cohort, faculty, coaches and guest speakers, creating a lasting network for continued support and connection.

I am struggling to find a way to balance my work with my family. Will this program help me?
This program precisely addresses this common challenge many women (and men) face with integrating work and life responsibilities, drawing on research on best practices as well as on perspectives shared by women executives in STEM fields.

As an HR director I am looking for ways to retain the women in my organization. How will this program aid in retention?
Many factors impact an organization’s ability to retain talented, technically trained women. This program addresses many of the most significant factors that keep women invested in their careers for the long term, particularly the importance of staying challenged. This program is designed to help women realize and define their strengths and motivators. These insights will help employers realize new ways to engage the full potential and diverse talent of these professionals. This executive summary outlines the specific benefits for employer sponsors.

Can this program be done at my place of work?
Yes, Weatherhead can deliver this program exclusively to your organization at your location, or ours.

Do I have to have a science, technology, engineering, or math degree to participate?
This program does not require a college degree, only that you are vested in a career that can be described as one that tends to be technology-driven and male-dominated.

Do I have to be a woman to participate?
At this time, the program is specific to women, though we recognize the material is very applicable to men and women.

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