Program Features and Benefits

Benefits to Participants

The Leadership Lab for Women in STEM™ helps participants:

  • Create and articulate a personal leadership vision, which research supports as a powerful way to increase career engagement and commitment
  • Develop critical workplace competencies enhancing self-efficacy
  • Gain insights via 360-degree feedback on Emotional Intelligence, enhanced by the support of a master coach
  • Learn about research that increases their perspective on workplace opportunities and challenges in order to maximize their fulfillment
  • Build critical leadership skills and benefit from tools linked to workplace success

Benefits to Organizations

The Leadership Lab for Women in STEM™ helps sponsoring organizations:

  • Invest in the development of women leaders, equipping them to be more successful at work
  • Ensure valuable employees stay challenged and engaged
  • Keep up-to-date on best practices for attracting, developing and retaining highly trained, diverse talent
  • Make a strong, visible and strategic investment in talent retention
  • Identify strong candidates for advancement opportunities in the organization

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