Vital Awareness: Reaching Peak Effectiveness

Resilience and vitality of the mind and body are critical resources for reaching peak effectiveness, both at work and in personal relationships. Vitality arises from the complex interplay between emotional, intellectual, and physical health. It contributes to the ability to exercise emotional intelligence. Vitality is sustained by resilience, the positive capacity to cope with stress and adversity. Increasing your vitality and resilience builds and restores personal energy that can enhance both the quality of your day and your contribution to your organization.

This full-day program provides the knowledge and tools to enhance resilience and amplify vitality. This aids in the development of two critical emotional intelligence competencies: emotional self-awareness and emotional self regulation. In addition to receiving results of a comprehensive vitality assessment, participants will discover how to use simple techniques and real-time biofeedback to activate positive emotions and reduce stress.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

New and experienced managers, team leaders and supervisors, as well as individual contributors at all levels that have interest in personal development.


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