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Team Leadership through Emotional Intelligence

Apply EI and leadership strategies in the team setting

This seminar builds on Introduction to Emotional Intelligence (EI) by helping participants put the innovative concepts and powerful strategies of EI to work in team settings. Understand team behaviors and norms at the core of effectiveness and the tools that enable those norms to emerge. Discover leadership behaviors and strategies that can support the emergence of these effective norms. Learn to apply them in hands-on, interactive case studies and exercises you can use immediately in your organization.


Participants must have attended Introduction to Emotional Intelligence prior to attending this program, to gain intermediate background knowledge. In addition, participants should have at least one year of experience leading teams.

For your convenience, we are offering a shorter, live and virtual sessions that start on 08/07/2020 with self-paced pre- and post-work.
  • Pre-work for virtual sessions

    Since we have condensed this class down to 4 1/2 hours, we are asking you to do some work before class so you can still qualify for your full CEU credits. Here is the pre-work:

    Before Class 1

    • Read: Why Teams Don’t Work. HBR, May 2009. Interview with Dr. J. Richard Hackman by Diane Coutu. Dr. Hackman was the preeminent world expert on team effectiveness until his death in 2013.
    • Aston Blair Case, Part 1.

    Between Class 1 and Class 2

    • Read: Building the Emotional Intelligence of Groups. By V. U. Druskat and S. B. Wolff, HBR, 2001
    • Watch an IDEO team design a new shopping cart. As you watch their design process, what stands out as the “keys” to the success of IDEO teams?
    • Select a team in your organization that you will use as a “case study” during this class session and the next. Preferably it is a team that you lead. If you do not lead a team, select a team in which you are currently a member.

    Between Class 2 and Class 3

    • Read: How Norms Change by Maria Konnikova in the New Yorker.
    • Bring to class your completed Team EI Assessment. Be prepared to debrief the survey results and to use them to develop an action plan that can be used to improve the team’s demonstration of team emotional intelligence norms.


  • Topics

    Learning Outcomes

    As a result of attending this program, participants will:

    Who Should Attend

    Managers with responsibility for leading work teams.


    Individual Participants: $695
    Package Pricing: 1 class day per participant

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