Strategic Focus in a Data-Driven World

As big data has become a mission-critical component to a firm's marketplace success, many managers still make key decisions about their organization's strategy based on experience, intuition, or guesswork. However, today's leaders can improve both their strategy adoption and strategy execution likelihood through the systematic collection and informed analysis of market, sales, product, operations, and financial data. We will, through the application of mindfulness principles (i.e., a deliberate focused attention on the present moment) to the design and implementation of analytics within an organization, illustrate how companies are using cutting-edge techniques to gather and analyze their data, thus making the strategy decision-making process more successful. And, in doing so, we will demonstrate where the linkages between big data and market insights are most effective to a firm's growth, as well as, the best practices on how to leverage analytics into a deeper understanding of mission critical issues such as business model innovation and organizational change. This program explores how leadership can utilize emerging big data analytical approaches as applied to strategy management in order to transform the pursuit of increased profits. Ultimately, participants will become well versed on how and when to use big data while making key strategic decisions leading to market prosperity.


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