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Providing Performance Feedback

Master the content and delivery of providing feedback that helps boost performance

For any manager, providing feedback is a critical and seemingly straightforward activity to help boost individual performance. In the best case scenario, this is an ongoing communication process - a dialogue in a one-on-one between a manager and his/her team member. Why, then, is it so challenging for managers and employees alike? 

When it comes to delivering feedback, much of the content we provide is difficult to act on. In this program, you will discover what gets in our way of delivering that constructive feedback. You will learn the techniques to transform yourself from a judge who points out what is wrong, to a manager who is focused on a team member’s personal growth. This program will help you master the content and the delivery of providing useful feedback in what can be difficult conversations. This learning experience is an interactive and practical approach to mastering one of a manager's most important but most difficult responsibilities. 


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:


Who Should Attend

The program is designed for individuals and managers in leadership roles at every level who are responsible for the performance of others. 


Individual Participants: $695
Package Pricing: 1 class day per participant

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