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Neuroscience of Leadership

How do we know we are making the right decisions at work? To get optimal performance from your brain, you need to understand how and why it functions. Neuroscience is now replacing psychology as a more scientific guide to understanding the basis of human behavior. In particular, neuroscience provides new insights into human decision-making, economic behavior, social cognition, motivation and reward.

This program provides evidence-based training for understanding how to overcome the biases and constraints that our brains put on how we think. It will address the influence of multi-tasking and work culture on patterns of brain activity, and how to avoid these effects when they are not helpful. Participants will also learn when it’s effective to engage a particular brain area, by thinking about a problem in a specific way, and what types of thinking to avoid. These insights are critical to dynamically engaging the whole brain to achieve and model effective leadership.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Managers in all roles can benefit from this course. Managers who have come up through the ranks in more technical fields (e.g. finance, technology, engineering, medicine) are likely to find the material most helpful and rewarding.


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