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Negotiating to Win

(Formerly "Negotiations Made Easy")

There is a simple truth: strong negotiators create more value for themselves and their organizations.  They also create a strong foundation for future deals.  Whether the deal is an external sale to the customer, launching a new enterprise or discussions with investors, board members, and internal customers, at the heart of every negotiation is “The Power of Nice” – getting what you want by helping the other side get what it wants. In this highly motivating and practical session, learn a straight-forward, immediately applicable approach to negotiating that will allow you to construct better agreements, close more deals, reach resolution faster at better margin, and avoid leaving value “on the table.”  Learn to develop skills to cultivate lasting relationships and craft “win-win” outcomes that maximize revenue in the short term and lay the groundwork for future business and opportunity.  The key concepts in this program will give you versatile strategies and tools to create value and sustain possibilities over the long term.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Anyone who is involved with external client contact, as well as sales professionals and managers.  Business and department leaders who must negotiate terms for new business, products, services, or contracts – either internally or externally.  Sales force leaders and managers will learn valuable tools to bring back to their teams. 

Consider sending your entire sales or project team for maximum benefit to your organization.

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