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Managing and Developing Talent: Fundamentals for All Managers

Raise the bar and discover how to better select, develop and get the best from the people on your team

(Formerly “Managing and Developing Talent: A Program for All Managers”)

Many companies focus on discreet “job skills” that are important for an employee “to do the job”. Hiring and promotion decisions are often based upon those job skills. Even with this focus on discreet and measurable skills, some employees do poorly. What is missing? Skills can be taught, measured and improved, so aren’t they enough?

The fact is we all know that it takes more than just the bare essentials to make a successful employee. There are important critical success factors that are sometimes difficult to define or measure—factors like drive, initiative, attitude, and so on. Many of these less easily defined factors are termed “competencies”. And it is competencies that often have the greatest impact on an employee’s success and promotability. The most successful organizations and leaders who want to raise the bar on talent tend to look beyond job skills and job description to select, develop and challenge their people. They look at competencies.

This workshop will give leaders a greater understanding of what talent management is all about—and their role in managing the talent that reports to them. Participants will practice identifying, selecting and using competencies. They will explore how competencies can be used to supplement or improve how they select, manage and develop the employees that report to them. This highly interactive workshop is important for managers at all levels who are responsible for hiring, leading, and developing their team members.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Leaders across all functional areas who make internal and external talent decisions.


Individual Participants: $695
Package Pricing: 1 class day per participant

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