Listen to Your Customers through Big Data: Lean Analytics for Marketing and Sales Professionals

Big data is transforming 21st century business. Marketing and sales professionals face a growing amount of data from a dizzying array of internal and external sources. Think of social media, 3rd party websites, communities of interest, sales force automation, channel and distribution systems, climatology, customer relationships management systems, GPS positioning, and RFID product tagging. The nature of data is changing too, exposing sales and marketing trends in far more unexpected and granular levels. Savvy data analytics enable businesses to deliver more value to customers, which increases wallet share and customer loyalty, and in turn, leads to higher customer lifetime value to the firm. How can market-oriented professionals discern meaning from the numbers, before making big investments or hiring the “experts”?

This one-day program shows how to capitalize on big data with a simplified, lean approach to achieve and maintain market share. Based on critical business thinking, this program guides participants in how to develop and oversee a big data analytics strategy within their firms. The course addresses the core challenges of using data analytics to transform customer marketing strategies and tactics, as well as the significant organizational change required. Through class discussion and case studies, participants will receive clear guidelines on getting the benefits from a big data investment to leverage marketing analytics to improve strategy and customer relationship management.


Program Learning Benefits & Outcomes

Marketing-oriented leaders will learn how to:

Who Should Attend

Business leaders who drive customer-oriented marketing and/or sales strategy, customer relationships, marketing operations, or product marketing functions within business to consumer companies (B2C).


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