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Leading, Developing, and Sustaining High-Impact Teams

Understand dynamics impacting your team and ways to enhance your team's effectiveness

REGISTRATION DEADLINE: Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What we know and understand about team interaction has advanced rapidly in recent years. The findings uncover critical new knowledge and skills for team leaders that can dramatically impact team performance. One of those discoveries is the interconnection between learning and leadership. How an individual learns plays a significant role in leadership development, and the leader's style and adaptability strongly impact the experiences of the team. This is because learning styles impact how individuals process information, make decisions, and interact in group settings

This practice-based program will provide new insight on team dynamics and the practical tools you need to lead, develop and sustain healthy, innovative and successful teams. Led by Dr. Tony Lingham, a pioneer in team research, coaching and facilitation, this experiential program focuses on enhancing the collective experience of teams to achieve greater levels of performance, productivity, flexibility and innovation.

As a team leader, or team member, in this program you will develop awareness of your individual learning style and flexibility across diverse work situations and in the context of your specific team. In addition, a key benefit will be insight into your teams experiences, as captured by the Team Learning and Development Inventory (TLI)©. This unique tool will provide you with greater understanding of ten key aspects of team interaction—the nexus around which team members connect, learn, fulfill tasks or projects, influence one another, and develop the ability to innovate and collaborate.

Team leaders will leave this workshop with a deeper understanding of team development and a learning plan to guide and engage their teams in healthy, productive interaction.

Team members will better understand their role within the team, and what they can do to maximize their performance.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Team leaders with current team responsibilities. It is suggested that team leaders register and bring 2–3 key team members who are critical to their success.


Individual Participants: $2,780
Package Pricing: 4 class day per participant

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