Leadership Deep Dive™ | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Learning Outcomes


Immerse yourself in ideas and practices developed by Weatherhead’s top ranked Organizational Behavior Department to advance your leadership ability.

  • Dive into emotional intelligence (EI) with one of its developers, Richard Boyatzis.
  • Experience Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a breakthrough methodology for transforming organizations to achieve unprecedented results, with its creator, David Cooperrider.
  • Embark on a personal journey of discovery and purpose with 12 months of individual executive coaching.
  • Question convention, test your assumptions and consider new possibilities in a supportive learning environment.
  • Learn from your peers and an extensive array of leaders inside and outside the classroom.


Emerge from this transformational experience with a new realization of the power of your leadership.

  • Inspire and lead at all four levels of leadership—yourself, your team, your organization and within society.
  • Maximize your organizational impact with tools that will help you deal with the intensity, diversity and adversity of today’s work environment.
  • Craft a compelling vision of your leadership to guide your decisions and choices throughout your career.
  • Recharge through career renewal and sustain the course with techniques that prevent the “sacrifice syndrome.”
  • Leave feeling confident, energized, empowered and excited about the evolution of your leadership ability.
What I have enjoyed most about my experience with the Leadership Deep Dive Program at Case Western Reserve is the fundamental soundness of every aspect of the program. It’s based on solid research of how to effect change in your relationships, work groups, organization and your community by focusing on what you have control and influence over…yourself…and how by improving yourself, you are able to exert a powerful positive impact on others.

— Mark Frey
Director of Engineering / Senior Vice President
Hixson Architecture Engineering Interior Design

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