Internal Change Consultant: Tools and Practices that Strengthen Consulting Skills

Internal consultative practices to promote real success over time

Facilitating internal change is a difficult job, in part, because it involves a variety of complex skills. Each project an internal change consultant tackles poses challenges that emphasize different skill sets. Because each change effort varies, it is incumbent on an internal change agent to gain dexterity with an array of tools and practices that, when needed, can be used to: 1) build a stronger relationship with the client; 2) make it easier to assess a situation using tools like client mapping; 3) sketch out an intervention that's matched to client readiness; 4) set the stage for launching a change initiative; 5) determine what choices are available to guide the implementation process; and/or 6) capture key learning that increases an organization's capacity for future change and development. This session will highlight what consulting skills the internal change consultant needs, already has, and which skills need further development. In addition, the session will identify tools and practices that can augment such skills, and provide added insight into how to manage client relationships and change efforts effectively.


Learning Outcomes

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Who Should Attend

Staff professionals are defined as those positions and people responsible for facilitating change within an organization, but who do not have the requisite authority or power to make it happen. These may include HR staff, OD practitioners and change agents, project or program managers, lean production coordinators, quality professionals, or internal/external consultants.


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Package Pricing: 1 class day per participant

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