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Internal Change Consultant: Implementation – The Forgotten Element of Change Programs

Improve your success rate for leading change projects

Implementation is often treated as the last step in an action research or organization development cycle. It’s not! Implementation is a stand-alone, context driven, and distinct competency that if done right allows an internal change consultant to translate intent into action and results that have a positive impact. An implementation strategy typically involves a complex chain of activities and choices. Such choices and activities stem from implied worldviews; the scope and scale of a project; the type of intervention that is deployed; the role adopted by the facilitator; the system of thinking in play; and more. Such choices combine in ways that shape a particular implementation style, and it is that combination which has the potential to produce a successful or unsuccessful outcome. This session will explore in detail the dynamics of effective implementation, and provide an integrated model for understanding how the chain of activities and choices can produce better outcomes.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Staff professionals are defined as those positions and people responsible for facilitating change within an organization, but who do not have the requisite authority or power to make it happen. These may include HR staff, OD practitioners and change agents, project or program managers, lean production coordinators, quality professionals, or internal/external consultants.


Individual Participants: 645 class day per participant
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