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Intergenerational Leadership - Leveraging the Strengths of Five Generations

Identify and make the changes in your leadership style to "Improve Your Serve" to create a high-performing team culture

Currently five generations are engaging in the workplace with differences in understanding of terms, ideals, work ethic, and values. Leading and building a multi-generational team will be a necessary tool for the changing tapestry of our newly evolving borderless workplace. This interactive workshop explores the dynamics and strategies of leading and building this diverse workforce by leveraging differences, finding common ground and celebrating the strengths of a multi-generational team. 

Ready or not, the Internet Generation is here with a new approach to life, learning, and leadership.  They are working with, and sometimes, leading people who see the world completely differently. This workshop will help you explore these differences, practice empathy, and embrace a new viewpoint while strengthening your approach and capacity to influence and lead effectively.



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