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Implementation - The Forgotten Element of Change Programs

Translating intent into action and results

Achieving a desired result tells us whether an organizational change intervention was effective and sustainable rather than short-lived. However, implementation requires more than following the protocol of a prescribed change process. “Breakdowns” are common regardless of which organizational change model is employed. Unless you are attuned to what is happening during implementation, the tendency will be to assume the protocol is not being followed correctly when the unexpected occurs. As opposed to doubling down on gaining compliance to the established change process, it’s imperative to adopt an adaptive and/or contingent approach to revise and adjust the implementation strategy to accommodate the organizational dynamics.

This session will compare the difference between process theories of change and practice theories of change. It will review four prototypical models of change and under what circumstances they most likely apply. The session will also highlight the importance of a change agent’s versatility and dexterity with an array of tools and contingency models to compensate for uncertainty. Last, participants will have the opportunity to discuss and review real-time challenges and change management dilemmas they face in their respective organizations.



Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:


This one day program is complemented by access to podcasts on change management consulting with Dr. Harlow Cohen and interactive real case studies.

Who Should Attend

Staff professionals are defined as those positions and people responsible for facilitating change within an organization, but who do not have the requisite authority or power to make it happen. These may include HR staff, OD practitioners and change agents, project or program managers, lean production coordinators, quality professionals, or internal/external consultants.


Individual Participants: $695
Package Pricing: 1 class day per participant

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