Green Finance: Measuring and Mitigating Sustainability Risks

A "river guide" for navigating the business challenges of environmental change

Natural systems and resources are being depleted, degraded, and impaired at a rapidly increasing pace, threatening the very existence of our society as we know it. Yet very few businesses are paying adequate attention to the adverse impact of these risks on their profitability and survival. Many critical questions are still not high enough on the radar of corporate managers, in spite of several large industry initiatives over the last decade (such as the Carbon Disclosure Project, the Equator Principles group of banks, Green and Socially Responsible Funds, etc.):

And the list of questions goes on…

This program will provide you with a unique opportunity to understand and explore such questions. It will expose you to cutting edge practices in the area of green finance risk management, providing you with the thought leadership that is essential for success in today’s fast-changing world. Above all, this should provide you not only with the tools to add value to your company in a whole new way, but also with the satisfaction of having done it the right way.


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Individual Participants: $645
Package Pricing: 1 class day per participant

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