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Performance Management

Learn consultative practices that dramatically increase the chances of real success over time.

Studies reveal staggering failure rates for many change programs—over the past fifteen years, at best, only a third of change initiatives met their objectives in organizations across North America and Europe. Additional studies show that there is less time to do more work with fewer resources than ever before; and that there is an unrelenting demand for better performance in spite of mature markets, industry consolidation, frenzied acquisitions, and increased competition. In this heated business climate, managers, staff support professionals, and change practitioners do not have the time or the luxury to sample new fads in hopes of making a difference in performance.

This two-day program challenges conventional wisdom and practice, taking a realistic view of organizational dynamics and the challenges of effecting meaningful change. Because many people who are charged with leading or supporting critical initiatives must often rely on exercising indirect influence (since they lack control over financial or human resources, or have limited decision-making authority), this program targets consultative practices that dramatically increase the chances of achieving sustainable, desired results. Specifically, the program prepares staff professionals to: 1) achieve positive change by tackling the obvious & converting inert knowledge into action and results; 2) employ an outcomes-based rather than activities-based approach; and 3) apply effective consulting tools and practices.


Participants should have five to ten years of work experience as a staff support professional and the ability and opportunity to make an impact within an organization.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Staff professionals are defined as those positions and people responsible for facilitating change within an organization, but who do not have the requisite authority or power to make it happen. These may include HR staff, OD practitioners and change agents, project or program managers, lean production coordinators, quality professionals, or internal/external consultants.


Individual Participants: $1,290
Package Pricing: 2 class day per participant

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