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Executive Presence

Build poise and confidence to increase your effectiveness in all business situations.

The instantly recognizable qualities of confidence, clarity and polish can make or break a career.  In fact, being perceived as leadership material is essential to being promoted into leadership positions, according to a recent study by the Center for Talent Innovation, a non-profit research organization. Beyond hard work and effort, the 268 senior executives surveyed said “executive presence” accounts for 26% of what it takes to get the next promotion.

Fortunately, executive presence can be developed. This seminar presents a step-by-step process for enhancing executive presence based on principles that effective executives utilize.  Building on the foundation of personality, identity and self-confidence, participants will develop the skills to project a winning, positive demeanor that gets noticed, acknowledged and rewarded. From the first impression to other high-impact professional interactions, participants will develop the skills and attitudes that enhance leadership presence on the job and at any business function.  Group activities and assessments will guide each participant in the development of a personal action plan.


Guest Panelists - TBA




Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Professionals aspiring to higher positions with increased visibility. Technical experts looking to enhance their interpersonal and social skills and people in or moving into external roles in their organizations.


Individual Participants: $695
Package Pricing: 1 class day per participant

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Please note that this program is scheduled to occur in-person at the George S. Dively Building in Cleveland, OH.