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Cultivating Creativity and the Practice of Managing Ideas

Utilize a variety of tools to generate the best new ideas and keep focused on achieving concrete outcomes

(Formerly “Cultivating Creativity I & II”)

Innovation is a key strategic priority for organizations. In order to meet the innovation challenge effectively, those who lead and manage organizations must understand the important relationship between creativity and innovation. Creativity is all about the making and communicating of meaningful new ideas. Innovation is the transformation of these ideas and insights into deliverable business results. In short, you can have creativity without innovation - but you can’t have innovation without creativity. Therefore it is important to focus on the actual process of creative ideation (generating new ideas) and managing ideation as the engine of true innovation.

But there are challenges. Many people have experienced “brainstorming” as an approach to ideation (generating new and varied ideas) - some with success, while others have experienced it as a loose and laborious process bringing mixed results at best. This is, in part, because a core challenge in managing ideation is that different people bring very different approaches to any problem-solving or idea generating activity. In this program participants will learn to understand, appreciate, and properly leverage these diverse styles to ensure that they get the most from their ideation and problem-solving efforts. But what happens next - after you’ve generated those many, varied, and unusual ideas? Effective managing of ideation implies balanced attention to generating and focusing ideas on the end result. In addition to exploring different frameworks and approaches to the process of ideation, participants will learn how to focus those ideas towards achieving the correct end result.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

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Managers across all functional areas.


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