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Building A Creative Platform for Sustainable Innovation

Competitive industry forces demand relentless innovation. Delegating this work to a small group of specialized innovation specialists, or periodically focusing on innovation does not allow organizations sustain innovation at the constant scale required. Rather, organizations need to become creative platforms where everyone in the organization innovates all the time and everywhere. In other words, innovation must be embedded as part of the organization’s DNA, through process, structure, tools, strategy and culture.

In this workshop, we focus on how to build such a creative platform in an organization to keep innovation flowing by leveraging design, one of the single most important capabilities for competing in the modern economy. If you have ever attended a design workshop, or have ever watched IDEO’s shopping cart video, you have seen how design produces transformative solutions to all kinds of challenges. This workshop will show you how to take such design approaches to a next level, by integrating it deeply into every aspect of the organization operation. You will learn how to plan, develop, integrate and assess design as a strategic capability for your organization.


Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:

Who Should Attend

Managers in the areas of marketing and strategy innovation, IT, and organization change. Pairs or groups of managers from the same company should attend together for maximum benefit.


Youngjin Yoo, PhD, is Professor of MIS and Strategy and Irwin L. Gross Senior Research Fellow at Fox School of Management at Temple University. He is also WBS Distinguished Research Environment Professor at Warwick Business School in the UK. He has worked with several leading design firms including Gehry & Partners and IDEO and is currently working with Samsung Electronics to develop their design strategy. He was a former faculty member of the Case Weatherhead School of Management.



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