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Becoming an Internal Change Consultant

Facilitating organizational change is a difficult job for several reasons. Studies show that roughly 50% of organizational change efforts are successful - the equivalent of a coin toss. That number drops to only 25% if the change or transformation effort is complex.

Most often an internal change agent does not have direct control or decision-making power over people, budgets, or resource allocation. Instead, they must rely on indirect methods of influence while modeling processes that encourage systemic thinking and values that promote collaboration.

In addition, managing change involves a variety of complex skills that are not always intuitive. Such skills, applicable to many change and organization development projects, are acquired through experiential learning. The greater your mastery over these competencies, the less you have to rely on any particular technique or a single method.

This interactive program highlights six change management competencies curated over 15 years. Participants will learn about the types of experiences and projects that develop these critical capabilities, identify tools and practices that complement the skill sets, and get an opportunity to apply them.



Learning Outcomes

As a result of attending this program, participants will:


This one day program is complemented by access to podcasts on change management consulting with Dr. Harlow Cohen and interactive real case studies.

Who Should Attend

Staff professionals responsible for facilitating change within an organization, but may not have the requisite authority or power to make it happen. These include HR staff, OD practitioners and change agents, project or program managers, lean production coordinators, quality professionals, or internal/external consultants.


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