Treu-Mart Fellows | Weatherhead

Cohort Eleven (2012)

Cohort 11
  • David Funk—Esperanza, Inc.
  • Kristina Haddad—Esperanza, Inc.
  • Zulayka Ruiz—Esperanza, Inc.
  • Ronnie Bryant—Open Doors Academy
  • Amy Btiebet—Open Doors Academy
  • Kelley Williams—Open Doors Academy
  • Heidi Andres—Cuyahoga County Public Library, Middleburg Heights Branch
  • Katie Jackson—Cuyahoga County Public Library, Southeast Branch
  • Samantha McCombs—Cuyahoga County Public Library, Parma South Branch
  • Brittany Kubiak—Rainey Institute
  • Yolanda Walker—Rainey Institute
  • Darnell Weaver—Rainey Institute
  • Jay Bayhurst—Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Pam Macer—Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Dominic Murray—Youth Opportunities Unlimited

Cohort Ten (2010)

Cohort 10
  • Ayanna Abi-Kyles—Adoption Network Cleveland
  • Sandy Chiu—City Year Cleveland
  • Laura Einsel—Progressive Arts Alliance
  • Carmen Feliciano—Esperanza, Inc.
  • Kristin Hinkel—LNE & Associates
  • Jill Hinkle-Dye—Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court
  • Hope Johnson—St. Martin de Porres Family Center, Cuyahoga County Tapestry System of Care
  • Alexander (Alex) Leslie—Cleveland Rape Crisis Center
  • Sylvia Little Harris—Thea Bowman Center
  • Amy Rosenbluth—Shaker Heights Youth Center/Open Doors
  • Jesus Sanchez—Cleveland Botanical Garden
  • Nancie Skonezny—Cuyahoga County Public Library, Solon Branch
  • Jeff Smith—Open Doors Academy
  • Anita Thompson—Euclid YMCA, Family to Family Collaborative
  • Shelley Toney—City Year Cleveland

Watch Alex Leslie, Treu-Mart Fellow, talk about his final project for the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center.

Cohort Nine (2009)

Cohort 9
  • Adam Artman—Intergenerational School
  • Yvonne Blair-Burnette—Applewood Centers, Inc.
  • Lewis Burrell III—City of Cleveland, Department of Health
  • Charisse Callieham-Warr—Goodrich-Gannett Neighborhood Center
  • Marsha Cerny—Euclid YMCA, Family to Family Collaborative
  • Laura Fulton—Berea Children’s Home and Family Services
  • Sarah Hershey—Bellefaire JCB
  • Ben Hughes—Fatima Family Center
  • Renee Jones—Renee Jones Empowerment
  • Todd Kennedy—YMCA
  • Julie Liedtke—Cuyahoga County Public Library – Mayfield Branch
  • Katie Morris—Esperanza, Inc.
  • Courtney Nicolai—Euclid YMCA, Family to Family Collaborative
  • Yvonne Pointer—City of Cleveland – Community Relations
  • Arniece Basit—Greater Cleveland Neighborhood Centers Association
  • Jackie Roberson—Peace in the Hood

Cohort Eight (2008)

Cohort 8
  • Brandi Boswell—Role Models, Inc.
  • Leonard Davis—St. Martin de Porres Family Center, Cuyahoga County Tapestry System of Care
  • Orlando Grant—Burton Bell Carr Development, Weed & Seed
  • Deanna Jarvis—Girl Scouts of North East Ohio
  • April Kenny—City of Cleveland, Recreation Center – Fairfax
  • Sarah Kepple—Cuyahoga County Public Library – Fairview Park
  • Sandra Nosse—Cleveland Public Library – Woodland Branch
  • Katie Schnell—Open Doors Academy
  • Lucille Short—Arts of Peace
  • Valli Spahn—Adoption Network Cleveland
  • Brenda Stark—Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Damon Taylor—WIRE-Net
  • Paul Theodore—Open Doors Academy
  • Rahsurah Tinsley—Role Models, Inc.
  • Matthew Williams—America SCORES Cleveland

Watch Matthew Williams, Treu-Mart Fellow, talk about delivering youth programs at America Scores Cleveland.

Cohort Seven (2008)

Cohort 7
  • Jerry Billups—Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland, Broadway Club
  • Odette Boone —The Ohio State University Extension
  • Beverly Brown—Rainey Institute
  • Nicole Debose —Cuyahoga County Family and Children First Council
  • Brenna Friesner—Cuyahoga County Public Library, Beachwood Branch
  • Harriet Hadley —Scranton Road Development Corporation
  • Robbin Hudson—Neighborhood Leadership Institute
  • Kim Juhas—KidsHealth 2020
  • Jacquelyn Lee-Ivey—Safiri Rites of Passage
  • Kitty Leung —Asian Services in Action, Inc.
  • Audrey Leventhal —Shaker Heights Public Library
  • Berinna Martin—Bellefaire JCB
  • Laura Morello—Adoption Network Cleveland
  • Chyrel Oates—Antioch Development Corporation
  • Avril Sargeant—Euclid YMCA, Family to Family Collaborative
  • Gail Thomas —Citizenship Youth Leadership Program

Watch Beverly Brown, Treu-Mart Fellow, describe how the arts impact youth at the Rainey Institute.

Cohort Six (2007)

Cohort 6
  • Bobby Bolden—Fatima Family Center
  • Julia Boxler —Cuyahoga County Public Library, Warrensville Heights Branch
  • Maggie Bruening—Open Doors Academy
  • Shanti Coaston —Bellefaire JCB
  • Lisa Fellows—City Year Cleveland
  • Clarence Gaines —Boys Hope Girls Hope
  • Kevin James—Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland
  • Holley Martens—Shaker Heights Youth Center
  • Meleika Mohamoud—Cleveland Christian Home
  • Brenda Pryor —Let’s Talk About Youth Enrichment Program
  • Leah Shultz —Bellefaire JCB
  • Nora Steele—Lakewood Division of Youth, H2O
  • Carlos Taylor—City Year Cleveland
  • Daniel Valentin—Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
  • Candice Wallace —Case Western Reserve University

Cohort Five (2007)

Cohort 5
  • Charles Baldwin—Village Network
  • Nancy Calos—Adoption Network Cleveland
  • Francisca Chaidez-Gutierrez—Murtis H. Taylor Multi Service Center
  • Bonnie DeMarchi—Cuyahoga County Public Library, Parma Branch
  • John Gill—Arrupe Neighborhood House
  • Khadijah Guy—Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Michelle Hunter—Boys and Girls Clubs of Cleveland, Bellaire Gardens
  • Kalia Johnson—Free Clinic of Greater Cleveland
  • Kristine Krisko—Bellefaire JCB
  • Michael Matthews—Neighborhood Leadership Institute
  • Chanelle McCloud—Youth Opportunities Unlimited
  • Sarah Schneider—Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland
  • Alisa Smedley—E-City
  • Megan Walsh—May Dugan Center

Cohort Four (2006)

Cohort 4
  • Honey Bell-Bey—Cleveland UMADAOP
  • Kristen Ciofani—Cleveland Botanical Garden
  • Valerie Czerwien—Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry
  • Jeanna Davis—Fatima Family Center
  • Rashad Davis—Bellefaire JCB
  • Joellen Denk—Cleveland Public Library, Hough Branch
  • Tracie Drake—Lakewood Public Library
  • Pamela Hubbard—Golden Ciphers
  • Marcia Johnson—St. Martin de Porres Family Center, Cuyahoga County Tapestry System of Care
  • Colleen Kushlak—City Year Cleveland
  • Kelly Letostak—Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland
  • John McBride—Open Doors Academy
  • Sarah Oliver—Bellefaire JCB
  • Carol Wells—West Side Ecumenical Ministry
  • LaVont Wilson—Cleveland Recreation Department, Thurgood Marshall

Cohort Three (2006)

Cohort 3
  • Michael Anderson—West Side Ecumenical Ministry
  • Vicky Dennis—Buckeye Area Development Corporation
  • Jeff English—St. Martin de Porres Family Center
  • Marsha Gray—Shaker Heights Youth Center, Open Doors
  • Kelly Harris—Girls Achieving Possibilities, Orange Senior Center
  • Atunyese Herron—Murtis H. Taylor Multi Service Center
  • Fanon Hill—East End Neighborhood House
  • Kristina Knight—Shaker Heights Prevention Coalition
  • Alicia Petrella—Partnership for a Safer Cleveland
  • Willie Scott—Boys and Girls Club, King Kennedy
  • Brittainy Warne—Bellfaire JCB
  • Brooke Winkler—Village Network
  • Nicole Worthey—Mt. Pleasant Community Zone
  • Kimberly York—Bridges Mentoring Center for Youth Development

Cohort Two (2005)

Cohort 2
  • Roberta Baioni—Big Brothers Big Sisters of Greater Cleveland
  • Erica Davis-James—Lutheran Metropolitan Ministry, Covenant Project
  • Jeff Ehlert—Berea Children’s Home and Family Services
  • Connie Fletcher—Yout Opportunities Unlimited
  • Gerald Ford—YO! Cleveland
  • Lydia Hill—City of Cleveland, Department of Health
  • Lamar Hinchen—City of Cleveland, Recreation Department – Central
  • Marissa Jewell—Goodrich-Gannett Neighborhood Center
  • Lametris Joiner—The LaDorr Foundation
  • Melissa Keith—Shaker Heights Youth Center
  • Valerie Pinkney-Duke—Center for Families and Children, Rap Art
  • Isaiah Rembert—City Year Cleveland
  • Clifton Sweeney—Open Doors Academy

Cohort One (2005)

Cohort 1
  • Megan Billow—West Side Ecumenical Ministry
  • Lisa Bugenske—Shaker Heights Youth Center
  • Marcie Catron—YWCA
  • Annemarie Grassi—Open Doors Academy
  • Kahari Hicks—Open Doors Academy
  • Tracee Ingram—YWCA
  • Angela Isom—Henry Johnson Center, Inc.
  • Julie Jackson—Applewood Centers, Inc.
  • AJ Jennings—Open Doors Academy
  • Dorcus Johnson—City of Cleveland, Recreation Department – Glenville
  • Trevina Johnson—YMCA
  • Joanne Murphy—YMCA
  • Robert Navis—Near West Theatre
  • LaTanya Nolcox—Center for Families and Children, Rap Art
  • Kate Renaud—City Year Cleveland
  • Rose Young—Goodrich-Gannett Neighborhood Center