Tamsin Astor

Tamsin  Astor, Weatherhead Coach

Tamsin helps her clients achieve a life worth living through intentional change. Her coaching style draws from a unique blend of disciplines, including Psychology, Neuroscience, Education, and Holistic Health. Tamsin uses these skills to guide clients through change related to their careers, relationships, physical health, and emotional health.

Tamsin Astor helps her clients achieve happiness and success through self-discovery. She believes that when individuals focus on aligning their professional goals with their health and relationship goals, they can achieve more than they previously thought possible. Tamsin’s academic background spans Psychology, Neuroscience and Education. She draws on her experiences studying and teaching Yoga, Meditation and Holistic Health, and feels the personal insights she gained parenting a cancer-survivor also contribute to her unique skill set.

Social and emotional intelligence provides a framework for understanding and developing relationships. Tamsin helps her clients cultivate these strengths by encouraging self-awareness and providing tools for improving core business and personal relationships. She wants them to unlock the most balanced versions of themselves.

Tamsin has a BSc in Psychology and a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience.

She completed the Weatherhead Executive Coaching Certification, and is certified to administer the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory (Hay Group).

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