Laura Peterson

Laura  Peterson, Weatherhead Coach

Laura coaches leaders on contemporary issues such as strategy, work-life balance, transitions, messaging, and conflict management to maximize their personal effectiveness and growth, while delivering organizational results.

Laura Peterson is an independent consultant specializing in leadership performance, strategic change, and organizational development with significant experience in coaching, executive assessment, succession planning, talent management, top and mid-tier team development, organizational assessment, and design of competency-based human resource development programs. Her experience across the leadership spectrum, from newly minted supervisors to C-suite executives, offers clients diversity in perspective and flexibility in approach that meets their needs. Laura coaches individuals to maximize their full potential by executing a fully realized plan, developing a keen sense of self-awareness, and articulating their ideal self.

Laura has held various leadership positions in private and non-profit sector organizations. She has been responsible for coaching, developing, and assessing mid- to senior-level leaders. She has also developed and deployed leadership workshops with clients in Healthcare, Finance, Law, Construction, Manufacturing and Education. Clients range in size from fortune 500 to tech start-ups.

Laura started her career in corporate finance, growing a team of 3 to 50+ while meeting organizational results. This generated a depth of experience that underpins her practice. Her technical and analytical skills match her strong emotional intelligence foundation, which she leverages to support her clients. In addition, Laura is a facilitator and speaker and has been featured at University of Maryland Leaders Consortium, City of Baltimore Urban Development Conference, American Institute of Architecture Annual Conference, Kaiser Permanente Emerging Leaders Institute, Wells Fargo Bank Leadership retreat, and other venues.

Laura received an MS in Positive Organizational Development and Change from the Weatherhead School of Management at Case Western Reserve University where she graduated with distinction and was inducted into Beta Gamma Sigma. She also holds a BS from the University of Maryland Baltimore County in Financial Economics, graduating with honors. Laura holds many certifications including: Master Coach from Gestalt Institute, Weatherhead Executive Coaching Certificate, Hay certified Emotional and Social Intelligence Coach & Trainer, Performance Management Coach from George Washington University, Kolb Learning Style Inventory, Kirkpatrick Evaluation, Strategic Change, Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (expected 2014), and Firo-B.

Personally, she enjoys staying fit through yoga and running. She has two children with her husband, Dave.  As a family they travel, hike, and take pleasure in the adventures of family life.

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