Elaine Thallner

Elaine is a practicing physician with a coaching focus on healthcare professionals.

Dr. Elaine Thallner is a practicing physician (currently working half time), educator, and executive coach. Her coaching focus is for individuals in the healthcare sector. She is board certified in emergency medicine, has completed a fellowship in healthcare quality and patient safety, has earned a masters degree in Positive Organizational Development and Change Management, has additional training in executive coaching, and is certified in the Emotional and Social Competency Inventory. She conducts seminars focused on emotional intelligence as it relates to effective leadership. She is president-elect of the Quality Improvement and Patient Safety Section of the American College of Emergency Physicians.

The main focus of her coaching interest is strategic planning (both for the individual and the institution), goal-setting, evidence-based leadership strategies, and utilizing current research in positive psychology and neurocognition to achieve goals, maximize well-being for the individual, and to create a positive organizational climate.

Clients who may be interested in working with Dr Thallner:

  • are transitioning into a leadership role
  • are interested in developing their emotional intelligence (a strong predictor of leadership effectiveness)
  • wish to learn about and practice evidence-based leadership
  • wish to develop clarity about goals
  • wish to develop a strategic plan for themselves or for their workplace
  • wish to explore current research in positive psychology and the association with developing one’s sense of well-being
  • wish to become 'un-burned out'
  • seek assistance with the 'disruptive physician'
  • seek assistance with disclosure of error

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