Andrà R. Ward is President & CEO of The Khafre Ward Corporation based in Cincinnati, Ohio. As a seasoned facilitator and skilled consultant, he has facilitated sessions for employees in organizations ranging from financial and educational institutions to healthcare and manufacturing corporations and across a broad range of industries. Most recently, Mr. Ward has co-designed and led a series of culturally specific workforce talent development and leadership interventions in China and Venezuela. In addition to his experience in Asia and Latin America he has conducted professional development seminars and delivered team building sessions for clients across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, South America, and in West and South Africa.

As a practice, Khafre Ward’s niche in human resource development includes: improving organizational effectiveness, maximizing individual leadership competencies, enhancing productivity through cultural agility, leveraging thinking and effective communication styles, and framing diversity/inclusion awareness & skills to enhance business results through personal & corporate accountability. Established in 1992, Ward has managed the boutique training & consulting firm through a series of growth opportunities and strategic partnerships. His expertise includes course design and seminar facilitation, communication, high performance team effectiveness, executive coaching. He has an engaging and highly interactive facilitation style that ensures a practical application of skills and insights. He is also a masterful keynote speaker. Andra has wowed audiences during conferences and as a panelist sharing thoughts on a broad range of industry related subjects.

Andrà holds a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Communications and Marketing from Northern Kentucky University. He’s completed graduate studies in Organizational Development and Social Behavior from Xavier University (Ohio). He’s a former Adjunct Professor of Interdisciplinary Studies at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio.

Andrà attended The Weatherhead School of Management for Executive Education – Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH where he completed Certification as an Executive Coach with additional certification in Emotional Intelligence Behavioral Assessments. Andrà has also been awarded certifications and or Master Facilitator/Instructor status for several Leadership and Professional Development Assessments and models including; DiSC, HBDI – Whole Brain Thinking Styles and MBTI – Meyers-Briggs.

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