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Business Coaching for Functional Acumen

Weatherhead Business Coaching for Functional Acumen focuses on helping an individual executive or manager become more proficient in a particular functional area. For the coaching process to be most effective, it is recommended that the executive or manager has either management responsibility for the functional area or works closely with the functional area as part of their responsibilities.

Working one-on-one with a Weatherhead Business Coach with expertise in the particular functional area, the coaching process will include:

  • An introductory session with the goal of developing a clear understanding of what the executive or manager needs to know about the particular functional area to be more effective at their job; with this understanding, the coach and the executive or manager will develop a learning plan to address the particular needs
  • Coaching support to the executive or manager as they:
    • Conduct background research on the functional area within their organization
    • Read articles and books related to elements and best practices of the functional area
    • Complete specific learning exercises related to the functional area in their organization
  • Throughout this process, the executive or manager will meet with the Business Coach, typically every 2-3 weeks, to review what has been learned, address questions and concerns, and refine the learning plan if appropriate

As a result of this coaching process, the executive or manager is expected to have a good understanding of the particular functional area. Depending on the particular needs of the executive or manager, this may include understanding the purpose and basic processes of the functional area, understanding what constitutes good performance and how to measure it, how to analyze particular data and overall, what constitutes good management of the function.

Cost: $4,000 per month, minimum of three months (travel expenses for in-person coaching outside of the Cleveland area are not included)

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