Virtual Symposium on Digital Globalization | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Virtual Symposium on Digital Globalization

As mentioned in the forthcoming book, The Digital Multinational, “Digital technology has put globalization on steroids; multinational companies now account for one-third of world GDP and one-fourth of world employment.” Yet, the promise of digital globalization is increasingly hampered by the emergence of an alternative narrative of deglobalization — localization and geopolitical nationalism. The coexistence of digital globalization and deglobalization forces increasingly characterize the new normal in global business.

How should multinationals navigate a world where both globalization and deglobalization forces coexist? And what role can digital business strategies play in that?

Join us at the 2022 Virtual Symposium on Digital Globalization on Friday, February 25, to hear from an eminent set of senior multinational executives and business scholars. The symposium will also showcase the new book, The Digital Multinational: Navigating the New Normal in Global Business, by Satish Nambisan and Yadong Luo (MIT Press).

The audience includes executives in multinational companies, industry practitioners, and academics from all over the world, especially those who are involved or interested in global business strategies and digital transformation. Registration is free for this virtual event.

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