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Statement Of Strategic Direction

Executive Doctorate In Business Administration (EDBA) Council

September 14, 2010

Strategic Focus

It is our aim to provide outstanding networking and educational opportunities for professionals who serve and participate in executive doctoral degree programs. These include but are not limited to Directors, Academic Directors, Faculty, Students, Alumni, and Administrators.

We will serve as the primary point of contact and information source for these professional groups as well as for the media and business schools considering initiating executive doctoral degree programs. The Council will also provide information on executive doctoral degree programs to prospective students.


The mission of the Council is to foster excellence and innovation in executive doctoral degree programs worldwide.


We will maintain an organizational culture that promotes collegiality and open communications, including respect for each other, collaboration and exchange in research, sharing of best practices, thought leadership in our industry, and excellence based on geographic, cultural, and strategic diversity. The Council serves its membership by helping the involved business schools improve their programs, by enabling exchanges between their Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff, and by facilitating professional development of individuals who have responsibilities for executive doctoral degree programs.

Member Definition

We are the only organization globally that focuses exclusively on executive doctoral degree programs and their issues. These programs:

  • Are directed at fully employed experienced professionals with more than ten years of meaningful post baccalaureate work experience, who already possess an MBA or equivalent graduate degree
  • Develop scholarly practitioners by focusing on engaged scholarship research into contemporary business and management problems
  • Require successful defense of a dissertation
  • Are taught by research active Faculty with doctoral degrees
  • Are a minimum of three years in length
  • Are residency based and involve significant component of direct student mentoring
  • Have a major cohort-based, lock step component

Our primary target market is public and private not-for-profit institutions of higher learning, e.g., schools of business, schools of management, and foundations, that provide accredited graduate business degree programs as described above. These are characterized as:

  • Full Academic Members which are institutions that have commenced executive doctoral business programs of the nature described above and have matriculated students.
  • Associate Academic Members which are schools of business that have qualified executive doctoral business programs under consideration or development, but have not matriculated their first class.

We will also invite organizations with complementary missions in graduate degree executive education to participate as Strategic Partners. These could include organizations such as AACSB, GMAC, AMBA, EFMD, AOM and EURAM and others who would be deemed appropriate.


As a volunteer organization, the Executive DBA Council depends on many contributors and utilizes a dynamic committee structure to increase the number of individuals involved in the decision process.

The Board serves the Council in both a strategic and operational role. All Board decisions are transparent to both Board members and the membership in general.

An Interim Board will be established to serve until the first annual meeting in 2011, when a full board will be elected.

The Board consists of nine members, seven of whom are elected and two selected by the seven elected members. The Board will include Student and Alumni representation and ensure geographic distribution. Officers will be elected by the board and be comprised of:

  • President/Chairperson
  • Vice-President/Chair
  • Secretary /Treasurer
  • Conference Chair
  • Membership Chair

The Board decides on membership fees per year per institution.


  1. The Executive DBA Council will sponsor and organize the Annual EDBAC Conference with two main purposes:
    • Serve as a site for the “International Conference on Engaged Management Scholarship” where current Students and Alumni of member programs can present their research. Publications for consideration will be submitted by the Student or Alum and selection is based on peer-reviews by Faculty, Students, and Alumni from member programs.
    • Support networking and education of participants including:
      • Doctoral workshops
      • Plenary sessions
      • Panels
      • An annual meeting of the membership
      • Professional developmental workshops for Faculty, Staff, Alumni and Students from member programs including Faculty Teaching Seminars, Admissions and Marketing Courses, Career Planning for Students and Alumni, and others as considered beneficial.
  2. By communicating best practices and new technologies in the administration and teaching of executive doctoral business degree programs and providing high quality training for Administrators and Faculty at member institutions, the Council will foster excellence and innovation in individual programs.
  3. The Executive DBA Council will serve as the principal source of original research on executive doctoral business degree programs and promote the creation, collection, and dissemination of pertinent information regarding trends affecting our membership.
  4. In order to maximize the benefits of membership and remain a collegial organization, participants will be provided with opportunities to interact, network and benefit from each other’s knowledge and experience.
  5. The Executive DBA Council will act as the primary voice in the public domain on executive doctoral business degree programs.
  6. The Council will support its membership by providing information about executive doctoral degree programs to prospective students.
  7. The Council will strive to protect and enhance the value of the brand.