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IBM Corporation

Offering pizza, soda, water and information on Extreme Blue positions available within IBM Corp. A special note from Whit Tice who interned with IBM Extreme Blue this past summer: Over this past summer, I had the pleasure of working for IBM in their Extreme Blue internship program. It was amazing and it far exceeded my expectations. The internship enables many different kinds of work environments, styles of work, and levels of involvement. The work was very rewarding, both in experience and in $. Each intern team has a small handful of tech students (in my case we were a complete team of 4) and an MBA student. Each team worked on a project that was driven and owned by the intern team. A large point of the Extreme Blue program is to make it so that new ideas, that would quite possibly not occur to IBMers due to being so ingrained in their work, flow into IBM from the top talent that's working for the EB program. The labs host around 6 project intern teams each (North Carolina, Texas, and California). My lab, in Raleigh, was designed so that we would frequently collaborate among the teams and interact (open work areas with minimal walls). Nerf guns, foosball, and other assorted toys were also encouraged (many by me) which added to the fun environment. The work itself was really cool too. The projects themselves vary. There's an internal process in IBM that comes up with the project framework/rough ideas and then intern candidates are sought out to best fit the projects. Many MBAs look into market intelligence, go to market strategies, business strategy, and other techniques that come with analyzing and driving a new project or emerging technology. The projects themselves vary with each year. In my case, I got really lucky. Since I am interested in MIS and OB, I got to work with Apache Geronimo (, an open source application server project, to provide business and organizational behavior insight to help build their focus/vision/direction to have stronger and sustainable competitive advantages/differentiated factors. The kind of work that I did, beyond my strategy recommendations, included pitching to numerous VPs in IBM, creating project posters, a project/lab commercial (which may be seen if IBM comes to WSOM), demonstrating to VPs. The pitching of our project is an important aspect of the program. At least one VP or high ranking IBM person would visit our lab a week and we would pitch our project to them. Eventually we pitched our project at an event open to the entire Raleigh campus (16k people). On top of that, we later all flew (the 3 US labs, and the Canada lab) to Armonk, NY which is the HQ of IBM. We presented there, this time to a whole bunch of Really important IBMers. Sam Palmisano, the CEO of IBM, even toured some of the demo stations when we were there. On the $ side, the IBM salary was the highest among my 4 internship offers (Brulant, Goodyear, Sun Microsystems, and IBM). They also provided relocation reimbursement and housing for us. In short, this internship was fantastic and I encourage everyone who will be seeking an internship to apply. You do not need to have a technology background at all to apply, although it does help if your interests coincide with IBM's of course. Check out their website at If there are any questions or if you think I might be able to help somehow, please let me know. I'd really like WSOM to be a top school in the radar of IBM EB. Good luck! -Whit Please go to to RSVP for this event.

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Contact Information:
J.T. Neuffer
Career Development Center
Phone: 216-368-3662

Website Resources:
Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2007 from 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m.
103 PBL
Cleveland, OH
Sponsored by: Career Development Center


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