Weatherhead Christian Business Fellowship

Kickoff Meeting

Sponsored by: Weatherhead Christian Business Fellowship

Date & Time: Tuesday, Sep. 12, 2006 from Midnight to 1 p.m. (Eastern)

WCBF is an experimental group here at Weatherhead. Andy Panjaitan (2nd year MBA student) and John Angelis (PhD student in Operations) decided to start the club as a way to link their faith with their education. We are first exploring if there is sufficient interest and support at Weatherhead for such a club. If you have ideas on what you would most like to see from such a club or would like to be involved, we welcome your input at the meeting. Our goal is to provide a club where Christian students and those interested in Christianity can do the following: Develop friendships and support one another. Network with Christian business people. Learn to integrate their beliefs with their business aspirations. Discuss conflicts and synergies between Christianity and business.

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John Angelis

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PBL 118
Cleveland, OH

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