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The Fundamental Elements of a Successful Branding Strategy

Brands are only for mega corporations right? Wrong. As we face a tightening economy, will you leverage your organization's brand for growth? Who are your customers? Where do they live? How do they make purchasing decisions? What's your brand worth? What are you doing to leverage your brand equity? Who's managing your brand?

On the marketing highway, who's driving your brand? Discover how answers to these questions benefit your organization. Grab the wheel. Demystify branding.

Northeast Ohio, like the rest of the country is facing times of uncertainty. Don't succumb to fear. Discover how to enhance ROI and get more out of your marketing investment.
Eliminate wasteful spending.

Cell Branding is fundamental and can become integral in your organization's marketing culture. Once that occurs, your business will emerge as a powerful contender. Make Cell Branding part of your company's DNA (Driving Name Awareness)

This is not a marketing seminar. This is an opportunity to help identify key brand-building elements, insight, development and ongoing assessment.

Steve Caler demystifies "branding" through an open dialogue and discovery. This is not a lecture. This is a frank discussion on challenges you face and the solutions you need to resolve fundamental brand-building initiatives.

The Cell Branding Luncheon is a great opportunity to begin looking at your organization's branding initiatives and discovering how these elements connect to grow your business.

Fee: Yes--$25.00


Thursday, Nov. 13, 2008 from noon to 1:30 p.m.
Holiday Inn Express Suite
5783 Heisley Road
Mentor, OH 44060
United States
Speaker(s): Steve Caler


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