EDM DESIGN SHOWCASE – 2007 | Weatherhead


WHO: ALL EDM AND MBA STUDENTS. THIS WILL BE THE FIRST OF WHAT WE HOPE WILL BECOME A SERIES OF SHARING, NETWORKING AND MENTORING EVENTS BETWEEN THE EDM AND MBA STUDENTS. THE MBA STUDENTS WHO ATTENDED THE BUCHANAN LECTURE WHERE VERY IMPRESSED BY THE LEVEL OF DISCUSSION THE EXPERIENCED AND WANT TO INCREASE THE INTERACTION BETWEEN THE TWO GROUPS. WHAT: EDM DESIGN PROJECTS WILL BE ON DISPLAY - CRAFTED FROM THE INTERVIEWS, THE DESIGN PROCESS, AND THE DESIGN OUTCOME. EDM STUDENTS ENGAGED in a project of re-conceiving management as design and the manager as designer, CREATING new ways of thinking about management WHERE THEY assume that designing as the near-continuous purposive action of managers - the fundamental thing that managers do. When MANAGERS shape new social relationships, create improved systems, invent products and services, or communicate ideas, they are designing. As Herbert Simon, AUTHOR OF SCIENCES OF THE ARTIFICIAL, WROTE, “whenever managers are making normative judgments about what is good or bad about an organizational process, structure or practice, they are making design judgments, and when they work to change a process, structure or practice, they are designing.” RSVP: PLEASE RSVP BY DECEMBER 3 TO MAC29@CASE.EDU REFRESHMENTS AVAILABLE

Fee: No

Contact Information:
Sue Nartker
Phone: 216.368.3663

Website Resources:
Friday, Dec. 7, 2007 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m.

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