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David A. Bowers Economic Forecast Luncheon History

Over Four Decades of Analysis and Forecasting

The David A. Bowers Economic Forecast Luncheon was created by David A. Bowers in 1974 to engage alumni in the school by sharing his perceptive predictions on the economy. The event, sponsored by the Alumni Association, quickly grew to a community-wide regional event. Bowers gave his last forecast in 2000 after 27 years of predictions, all while handling wild cards such as war, impeachment proceedings and government regulations. In recognition of his service the school renamed the luncheon in his honor, and the Alumni Association created the David A. Bowers Faculty Service Award, making Bowers its first recipient.

From 2001 to 2013, Professor Sam Thomas combined his research and intellect to provide his analysis of the economy as the presenter. His notable expertise in integrating the global macro business cycle with practices in corporate finance strategy and investment strategy added another dimension to the forecast.

Mark Sniderman, PhD, Executive in Residence at the Weatherhead School of Management and former Executive Vice President and Chief Policy Office for the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, served as keynote speaker from 2015-17.

From 2018 to 2020, Ellen Zentner, Chief US Economist and a Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, delivered the presentation. Ms. Zentner has been named to the "Bloomberg Best" list of top forecasters of the US economy and has 20 years' experience as a Fed watcher and markets-based economist, with a keen eye toward early identification of market-moving trends. She was honored with the Lawrence R. Klein Award, regarded as one of the best-known and longest-standing achievements in the field, in October 2018 for her accurate forecasts four years in a row. Ms. Zentner is the presenter for the 2021 Bowers program.

The Bowers Luncheon attracts business leaders from Northeast Ohio's financial service, legal, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. In the past decade, non-profit organizations and governments have expanded the audience base.