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xLab Quarterly Roundtable

Web 3.0: What it is and why every business should know about it


The internet age started as Web 1.0, with static web pages and users as consumers of content. Web 2.0 started with user created contents, such as blogs, forums, and photo sharing, but ended with big platforms, like Google, Meta, Twitter, and Amazon. 

We are now moving into a new era of the internet, widely recognized as Web 3.0 (also known as Web3). This iteration of the web utilizes concepts such as blockchain technology, decentralization, and token-based economics. People or users will have the power to choose where and how their data is shared.

Web 3.0 is more than just cryptocurrency and blockchain. It is a continuing evolution of global digital infrastructure, and how we think about data, value, and organizations. This decentralization of data will have a large impact on the way most companies conduct business, and will impact areas such as marketing, human resources, sales, and more. 

Join us on Tuesday, June 7 at 10 am EST to hear a panel of experts from around the world discuss what Web 3.0 means for you and how your business can benefit from it. 


This webinar is free and open to all. Registration is required.


For more information, visit the xLab website or contact xLab@case.edu

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.
Sponsored by: xLab
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