Design & Innovation Research Seminar | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Design & Innovation Research Seminar

Business Models: Ideal Types, Values, Profits & Technologies



We construct ideal types of business models that describe a firm’s relationship with its customers that in turn give value to creative or technical knowledge. We pay particular attention to two possibilities: the dyadic and the triadic business model. Within the dyadic category we find well-known often discussed sub-categories of work-for-hire, simple product, servitized-product, and complementary-product business model, and within the triadic we find the market-matchmaking and platform business model. We carefully define each business model type (and sub-type) from a conceptual-principled point of view, and explore the differences between these idealized types in terms of value for the users and profits or surplus for the firm; and we also relate these ideal types to different technological arrangements. Our paper draws on and extends the current literature in economics, strategy and platform-technology.

Friday, Oct. 9, 2015 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
PBL Room 218
11119 Bellflower Road
Cleveland, OH 44106-7235
United States
Speaker(s): Stefan Haefliger, Phd


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