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Wednesday, May 01
• Snacks - Stress Free Week

Thursday, May 02
• Doctor of Management Program On-Campus Residency
• Start finals off right! Grab some breakfast at Weatherhead!
• Powerful Presentation Skills: Design and Delivery
• Fowler Center Sustainability Circle Preview
• Ice Cream - Stress Free Week
• Weatherhead End of the Year Party

Friday, May 03
• Doctor of Management Program On-Campus Residency
• Interdepartmental Seminar:"Disclosure of Advertising Expenditure: An Indicator of Business Strategy"

Saturday, May 04
• Doctor of Management Program On-Campus Residency

Sunday, May 05
• Nautica Queen Dinner Cruise

Monday, May 06
• Introduction to Emotional Intelligence

Tuesday, May 07
• Developing Your Emotional Intelligence: Core Competencies for Great Leadership
• Memorial Service for Economics Emeritis Prof Asim Erdilek

Friday, May 10
• Boyatzis on Leadership, Resonance, and Renewal
• BAFI Research Seminar
• IS Research Seminar: Doing Better in Information Systems Research by Moving to the Edges

Monday, May 13
• Sustainability Leadership: Practices for Revitalizing People and Organizations

Tuesday, May 14
• Igniting Positive Change Through Appreciative Inquiry

Thursday, May 16
• Executive MBA Open House

Sunday, May 19
• 2013 Weatherhead Diploma Ceremony

Monday, May 20
• Faculty Tech Talk

Tuesday, May 21
• Women and Organizational Politics: Developing Power and Influence

Wednesday, May 22
• Executive Influence

Thursday, May 23
• Mastering Cross-Cultural Communication
• New York City Alumni Event!