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Friday, September 19
• Bold Ideas in Leadership Conference
• Matching HR Practices with Women's Career Needs
• Transforming Technological Change into Competitive Advantage
• Managing Intrapreneurship: An International Perspective
• Designing Solutions for Your Business Problems: A Structured Process for Managers and Consultants
• Corporate Responsibility and the Social Mandate: Beyond Sarbanes-Oxley
• Buliding Social Capital: The Leader's Role (session 1)
• "Risk Space": Knowing the Risks You Take as the Path to Business Success
• Addressing Cleveland’s Quiet Crisis: Lessons from Research on Small Firms
• Hot Topics in Entrepreneurship
• Building Social Capital: The Leader's Role (Session 2)
• Surfing the Next Wave of Any Time, Any Place Computing
• Financial Reporting and Investment Analysis: A Consumer's Perspective