Classroom Collaboration | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Classroom Collaboration

Challenges at work come up; it’s time your organization utilizes resources within the academic community to assist you in creating the best solution. Team up with Weatherhead MBA students and faculty to discover the most innovative solutions for your organization.

Thrive through Partnership with Weatherhead MBA

  • View an issue through the eyes of leading faculty and driven MBA students
  • Using research and data, results will be determined and recommendations shared
  • Solutions derived from design thinking
  • Find potential talent for your organization in future MBA graduates

Find Your Business Solution

Weatherhead MBA students and faculty will take your organization’s idea and/or problem and design a solution.

Some potential ideas/issues include:

  • You want to expand your organization or product but don't know where to begin
  • You need time for brainstorming but have too many other pending items
  • You want a list of possible solutions and action items
  • You have solutions but don't know how to get started creating the end product

Weatherhead will:

  1. help you map the issue/idea,
  2. build a team of MBA students and faculty to begin work on issue/idea,
  3. provide feedback on solution(s) every step of the way, and
  4. deliver a complete list of action items and solution(s) to your organization.

Your part:

  • Members of your organization will be assigned to work with Weatherhead MBA students and faculty
  • Share with Weatherhead team the information needed to create final product
  • Determine when Weatherhead MBA students can come to your organization to observe, interview and report
  • Determine any costs that might occur


  • Fall Semester (September 2016 - Early December 2016)
  • Spring Semester (Middle January 2017 - End of April 2017)

Please contact Julie Gutheil, Director, Enrollment and Career Development, at, if you are interested in working with a student team at Weatherhead.