Classroom Collaboration | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University

Classroom Collaboration

Challenges at work come up; it's time your organization utilizes resources within the academic community to assist you in creating the best solution. Team up with Weatherhead graduate business students and faculty to discover the most innovative solutions for your organization and provide students with a real-world learning experience.

Thrive through Partnership with Weatherhead

  • View an issue through the eyes of leading faculty with extensive industry experience and driven, curious students
  • Collaborate with highly analytical students who interpret and leverage data for meaningful decision-making and solutions derived from design thinking
  • Build your organization's talent pipeline with Weatherhead students

Find Your Business Solution

Weatherhead graduate business students and faculty will design a solution for your organization's challenge including:

  • A roadmap for expanding your organization or product A list of possible solutions and action items to an organizational issue or problem
  • A plan to implement a solution or create an end product

Weatherhead will:

  1. help you map the issue/idea,
  2. build a team of students and faculty to begin work on issue/idea,
  3. provide feedback on solution(s) every step of the way, and
  4. deliver a complete list of action items and solution(s) to your organization.

The company will:

  • Assign members of your organization to work with Weatherhead students and faculty
  • Share the information needed to create the final product with the Weatherhead team Engage Weatherhead students on-site or virtually to observe, interview, and report
  • Determine any costs that might occur

Please contact Maggie Smith, Director, Employer Development, at if you are interested in working with a student team at Weatherhead.