Research | Weatherhead School at Case Western Reserve University


Pillar 2: Engaging in Research of Enduring Consequence

We will support, incentivize, and reward research that is valued both within the academy and by the marketplace through quality research output and PhD/Doctoral programs.

Goal 2: Be highly recognized for research that matters to the academic, business and alumni communities.

Objectives Actions Measures
2.1 Support and promote rigorous, relevant research 2.1.1 Increase systemic support for research by faculty and students
  • Increase support for research grants
  • Improve per capita research published in top tier journals
  • Improve position in top tier research rankings (Business Week, UT Dallas, Financial Times)
  • Improve citation impact of faculty research
  • Improve faculty satisfaction with research support
  • Align faculty incentives to research productivity
  • Increase # of media hits about WSOM research output in select publications
2.1.2 Consistently assess research activities for both rigor and relevance to effectively incentivize research production
2.1.3 Elevate awareness of research output through media outreach
2.2 Advance PhD/Doctoral Research 2.2.1 Implement the redesign of DBA
  • Enhance the number and quality of DBA students
  • Enhance the quality of incoming PhD students
  • Increase # and proportion of PhD students placed in peer institutions
  • Increase # of scholar-practitioner research presentations, projects, book chapters, and papers
  • Increase # of top-tier publications (solo and co-authored with WSOM faculty) by doctoral students
2.2.2 Improve doctoral student engagement in research by increasing opportunities for research assistantship and standardizing teaching and service commitments across disciplines
2.3 Improve research collaboration within WSOM, across campus and with external partners 2.3.1 Incentivize interdisciplinary research
  • Increase percentage of funded interdisciplinary projects and seminars
  • Improve faculty awareness about funding opportunities
  • Increase number of faculty funded by industry and foundations
  • Create and sustain three new endowed Centers of Excellence
2.3.2 Support development of industry partnership and funded research
2.3.3 Support ongoing hubs of collaboration by supporting new and existing Centers of Excellence
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